The Elusive Illusion

One of the most inexplicable phenomena of this pandemic is a supposed “survival rate” of something like “99.9%” or whatever high number the arguer pulls out of a hat. The gist of this logic is we should not care that much about the people who succumb to COVID because so many people apparently don’t.

However, what makes this phenomenon even more inexplicable is how often these very same arguers will flip on this logic when it is convenient for them to care about someone other than COVID victims. For instance, the Q-fueled conspiracy, “Save the Children”.

About 460,000 children are reported missing in the United States each year. This is a lot, but note that there are 74.2 million children in the US, so the number who are reported missing is only 0.6%. In other words, 99.4% of children are NOT reported missing. Seem familiar?

When people argue about a supposed “survival rate” (which is not actually a thing), they are making a convenient argument to purposely minimize what matters. For instance, what if when a child goes missing we merely argued that “99.4% don’t go missing!” Would that make sense?

Furthermore, according to the Polly Klaas Foundation, 99.8% of children who are *reported* missing aren’t actually missing at all — they got on the wrong bus, they are at a friend’s house, the other parent picked them up, they are playing in the spare room, they ran away, or a million other reasons.

So, the fact of the matter is that fewer than a thousand kids actually go missing missing, which is still a lot, but only 0.000001% of the 74.2 million kids in the US. 99.99999% don’t.

But even more, only about 100 of those really missing kids actually qualify as the prototypical abduction that seems to most often capture the fascination of the public, and more than half those kids eventually go home safely. And even far more remote is the blonde-haired, blue-eyed JonBenét Ramsey among all the regular kids who are much more often poor, disadvantaged, or of color. The few who make the headlines are quite literally the proverbial needle in a haystack.

I have tried and tried to research and discover why it is that the very same people who grieve and lament for Save the Children (an exceedingly rare event involving mere dozens) could not care less about COVID victims (a considerably more frequent event that’s killed millions) — and why these people even seem to be *annoyed* when people so much as mention COVID — but there is no explanation. It is inexplicable. The reasoning is so remote it doesn’t even seem to exist. Oddly, just like a conspiracy theory.




Sent from a future where everyone thinks as slowly as me.

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Peter Sylwester

Peter Sylwester

Sent from a future where everyone thinks as slowly as me.

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